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When you need to protect more than just property.

At Paisley-Manor Insurance Brokers Inc. we offer our clients total insurance solutions. In addition to standard coverages, we are pleased to offer a range of additional coverages in the areas of Property and Casualty, Life, and Financial Services. Access to these services through one point of contact means convenience and ease of doing business for you, the customer. Please contact us to discuss any of the coverages below.

Life, Group and Disability

In the event of the death of a key income earner or business partner, it is crucial that there be no financial strain on the survivors. We work with professionals from various Life, Group, and Disability providers to offer you the following coverages:

  • Life Insurance:
    • Estate Planning
    • Partnership Insurance (Buy-Sell)
    • Key Man Insurance
    • Mortgage Insurance
    • Personal Protection
  • Group Benefit Plans:
    • Health Coverage
    • Dental Benefits
    • Loss of Income
    • Pension Plans
  • Income Disability Plans:
    • Loss of Income Plans
    • Accident / Sickness Plans
    • Disability Plans
  • Critical Illness Coverages

Financial Services

We work with closely with professionals from various financial entities to be able to provide you with a cross-section of products including:

  • Financial Products:
    • Mutual Funds
    • CSBs, GICs
    • RRSPs, RRIFs
    • Term Deposits
    • Segregated Funds

If you would like more information on any of the above coverages, please contact one of our brokers .